Foundry Services

Zephyr Photonics has implemented a vertically integrated development and manufacturing facility for semiconductor optoelectronic components and development of custom solutions. Zephyr maintains in-house design, manufacturing, and packaging resources, which enable unprecedented time to market for customizations of products from the subsystem level down to the chip level. Its extensive process libraries provide significant reductions in process development typically required for customization as well as new development. Zephyr’s combination of resources enable rapid delivery of high performance devices at competitive costs.



  • Custom Optoelectronic Component Development
  • Foundry Services for Epitaxial Growth, Mask Design, Fabrication, Test, and Back-End Processing
  • Library of Qualified Processes
  • Low-Volume Prototypes to High-Volume Production



  • III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth
  • Extensive Metrology including: Photoluminescence, X-Ray Diffraction, Hall-Effect, Multispectral Reflectivity, Multispectral Ellipsometry, and Surfscan



  • Contact and E-Beam Lithography
  • E-Beam & Thermal Metal Deposition
  • Solder Deposition
  • Electroplating and Electroless Plating
  • Wet and Dry Etching of Semiconductor and Dielectric Materials
  • Conformal and Non-Conformal Dielectric Deposition
  • SU-8, Polyimide, & Futurex Processing
  • Wet Oxidation
  • Rapid Thermal Anneal
  • Extensive Metrology including Profilometry, Multispectral Ellipsometry, Visible and IR Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Indentor



  • Automated Wafer Probing from -55° C to 150° C
  • Small-Signal Modulation including S11 and S21 up to 150° C
  • Relative Intensity Noise up to 150° C
  • Divergence Angle up to 150° C
  • Responsivity up to 150° C
  • Psuedorandom Data Transmission up to 150° C


Reliability Testing

  • High Temp Storage
  • Low Temp Storage
  • Damp Heat, (85/85)
  • Temperature Cycling
  • HTOL



  • Wafer Lapping and Polishing
  • Die Singulation, Inspection, and Sort
  • Die Attach and Wire Bonding